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Notes on travel with phones.

We headed tor France with three phones. I put full data/text/internet on all of them, as I heard the horror stories of people coming home to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in phone charges. Blanche’s phone and mine worked fine, right away. Tyler’s brand new Samsung was a nightmare. We dealt with four, yes four customer service reps before we finally got his phone to work. The upside: a 20$ credit for the days he couldn’t use it.



Adjusting to time zone changes.

Here I am again at 3:45 AM, doing something far more interesting that sleeping. I go to sleep just fine, anywhere between 9 and 10 pm local. But for no reason, I awake at 1 AM (6PM Alberta time) wide awake. So I read a book, or work on Tyler’s phone (last night). Now I’m learning how to blog. It’s kind of cool, but isn’t helping me get up early tomorrow. My goal is to awake at 8-9 am and get everyone up for a day of adventure. Let’s see how that goes! Good night all.





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